La Habra Offers a Unique Living Style

The beautiful city of La Habra, California features rolling wooded hills and indescribable scenic vistas. Its close proximity to Los Angeles makes it a desirable location for those who want to live within a short driving distance to a large metropolitan area, while enjoying the independence of a smaller community. With a population of just over 60,000 residents, La Habra offers its citizens the opportunity to take advantage of both worlds. Many California residents seek a less stressful place to live, relax and raise a family in a safe environment with many extras not found in a larger city.

Real estate in this area is finally experiencing an increase in positive home equity for the first time in a few years. Many homes are on the market now, but a shortage still remains. Realtors predict that more homes will be available for sale in the next few months. This is good news for prospective homeowners as the inventory increases. More new construction of single-family housing is also expected to begin.

Even though a large percentage of prospective homeowners prefer buying a new home, many want an existing one in an established neighborhood. Several real estate options are open for buyers including condominiums, townhouses and upper-end luxury homes. The strong sense of community in La Habra makes it one of the most appealing cities in which to live, regardless of type of property owned.

Whittier is a nearby neighbor that is experiencing the same resurgence in local real estate offerings. The median sales price for houses in Whittier on November 5, 2014 was about $410,000 compared to its neighbor in the northern corner of Orange County, which averaged approximately $430,000. Whittier is located approximately 12 miles from downtown Los Angeles in Los Angeles County.

Now is the time for sellers to take advantage of the higher property values and lower inventory by listing while interest rates are still low. Prospective homeowners who are considering a move to this much-sought-after area now have an opportunity to find a property that meets their criteria. The time is now to begin physically searching for incredible properties in this picturesque region that offers diversity and a more relaxed lifestyle. Experience California living at its finest in a quiet, laid-back residential community with a strong sense of small town values.

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